Dear Sarah,

Let's start with the most obvious thing, you truly are very special and unlike any other, I can say that no one in life has been so influential as you. Every passing day, I see more and more of the little things that you did and the special touches you added. You have a fantastic way of just spicing up life, taking a place and making it a home.

Only you could be so easy to get along with, a heart of gold, full of care and compassion. Any person would be extremely lucky to have you grace their life. You may not be perfect, but no one is, and as far as I'm concerned, you are as close as anyone will get.

Very few people could have made such an amazing daugther and have so much potential for an amazing future. take that by the horns and foster it into everything it could be. Settle for nothing less than someone who is fully committed to you, you deserve no less in life. You give your all, heart and soul into what you do and how you love, that is what you should get in return.

Eventually, I will come to terms with the future. I still support you and want you to have the best. Our hearts just don't line up currently, but don't think that means I will ever stop caring about you or supporting you how I can. You will always be family to me, like it or not, and because of that, I will never give up on you or let you fall.

You do have an amazing opportunity currently. To choose between what sounds like two people that will treat you right. I know you are a smart girl and won't make the wrong decision, and the decision that is made, run with it. Don't look back, the people from back then are gone anyway. Keep your head forward, maybe we will meet on that path again someday in life.

Only you can decide what to do in your life, don't forget, don't let anything control you. Don't feel guilty for other people, don't change yourself for anyone. You grew up already and you went from where you were as a person to the beautiful fully grown woman you are now.

Unapologetically, you will always be a very important part of our lives, and we want our Sarah back, maybe someday that wish can come true. We love you.


Deep down, I have always been a hopeless romantic, and I fell head over heels for you.